Letaba TVET College

Knowledge is Life

Letaba TVET College is currently in partnership with.

Department of Higher Education and Training

Letaba College is a public TVET colleges funded by the Department of Higher Education and Training

Microsoft South Africa

The software that we used is licence by Microsoft College agreement 


Most of our students apply for bursaries from NSFAS 


Our students are learning Computer Aided Design (CAD) through a donation of progeCAD Professional  by  progeSOFT http://www.progesoft.com -   Thank you progeSOFT.

The College is also very enthusiastic about the success it had during 2016 with the placements of students with host employers to complete their qualification through Internships. The funding received from the various SETA’s assisted the College to place 97 students through funding of amongst others: ETDP SETA, BANKSETA, PUBLIC SETA, INSURANCE SETA and FP&M SETA.

In the same breath the College also participated very successfully in placing students and lecturers with Employers in the Industry. This was aimed at addressing and capacitating lecturers in keeping up to date with what is current in the market and also students got a better understanding of what to expect from the World of Work.  The College is delighted with the great partnerships established with the following Institutions for the said purpose:

•           Glassfit

•           Dr Rabothata Surgery

•           Dr CN Phatudi Hospital

•           Van Velden Hospital

•           Small Enterprise Foundation

•           Kgapane Hospital

•           Nhlayiso CHCC

•           Legal Aid Board

•           Letaba Provincial Hospital

•           Falconwood

•           Dr Manthata

•           Xihoko Circuit

•           GTFM

•           Greater Tzaneen Economic Development Agency

•           Tzaneen Magistrate Court

•           Furnmart

•           Nhlayiso CHCC

•           Kings Engineering

•           JV Hydrolies

•           Limpopo Tyres

•           Tzaneen Precision

•           MBR Auto

•           RHC Auto

•           Bell Tzaneen

•           Wearne Aggregates

•           Ansaki Construction

•           MBH Springs & Associates

•           BOSCH

•           Mpume

•           RSGB

•           SONO

•           Kulani

•           Department of Health, Mopani District

•           LEGIT

•           Boxer Stores

•           Department of Education Circuits in Mopani District

•           Shivadzi S

•           LEDET

•           Wimpy

•           Giyani Science Centre

•           Total Sport

•           Foschini

•           Pick n Pay

•           Dunns Stores

•           Tzaneen Lombards

•           Fairview Hotel

•           Hotel at Tzaneen


The College has successfully hosted the launch of the “She Conquers” event in collaboration with the Department of Health and other partners. This has led to the formation of a strong partnership with Department of Health which ultimately will result in the placing of learners for Experiential Training in the various Health Department. The College also takes pride in the fact that the partnership with Greater Tzaneen Municipality led to the Municipality donating a piece of land to the College with the purpose of building a Central Office over the next few years. The College has been actively engaging with the Local Traditional Councils within the region to establish better relationship.


Through active collaboration of the various sections within the College, it has managed to bring about solid partnerships with a number of Institutions and SETA’s that are aimed at addressing the educational challenges within our community. This we believed will assist in meeting our Country’s economic needs. The valuable partnerships mentioned earlier included the following:


•           CETA

•           SERVICES SETA

•           BANKSETA

•           MERSETA

•           ETDP SETA

•           MICT SETA

•           W&R SETA

•           FASSET