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Nated Business Studies N4 - N6

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Nated Business Management

Nated Human Resource Management

Nated Marketing Management

Nated Management Assistant

Nated Introductory Studies 

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Nated Business Studies

Power Point Presentations

N4 Computer Guide Practice Du Toit.pptx

N4 Computer Practice De Villiers.pptx

N4 Computerised Financial Systems .pptx

N4 Entrepreneurship & Business Management.pptx

N4 Financial Accounting.pptx

N4 Human Resource Management.pptx

N4 Introduction to Financial Accounting.pptx

N4 Public Administration.pptx

N5 Computer Guide Practice De Villiers.pptx

N5 Computer Guide Practice Du Toit.pptx

N5 Computerised Financial Systems.pptx

N5 Cost and Management Accounting.pptx

N5 Entrepreneurship & Business Management.pptx

N5 Financial Accounting.pptx

N5 Human Resource Management.pptx

N5 Human Resource Training.pptx

N5 Municipal Administration .pptx

N5 Public Administration.pptx

N5 Public Relations.pptx

N5 Sales Management.pptx

N5 _ N6 Public Finance.pptx

N6 Computer Practice.pptx

N6 Computerised Financial Systems.pptx

N6 Cost and Management Accounting.pptx

N6 Entrepreneurship & Business Management.pptx

N6 Financial Accounting.pptx

N6 Human Resource Management.pptx

N6 Human Resource Training.pptx

N6 Income Tax.pptx

N6 Marketing Communications.pptx

N6 Marketing Research.pptx

N6 Municipal Administration .pptx

N6 Public Administration.pptx

N6 Public Law.pptx

N6 Sales Management.pptx